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53rd FHRAI Annual Convention

The FHRAI Annual Convention is the most sought-after event in the hospitality industry, which brings together a broad cross section of influential voices, iconic thought leaders, eminent luminaries from the highest echelons of government and hospitality sector, for enriching deliberations on myriad industry and policy issues and come out with innovative ideas and suggestions to carve out the development of the sector.

The Annual Convention offers an excellent opportunity for the delegates from across the country to network with top policy makers, captains of industry, top notch entrepreneurs, global experts and distinguished representatives from civil society. The Convention also serves as a platform to showcase the contemporary trends, cuttings edge technologies and international best practices in the rapidly growing hospitality industry.

Theme - Spiritual & Wellness Tourism:

The Theme of the Convention is very aptly chosen to be Spiritual& Wellness Tourism owing to its predominant position in driving the tourism sector in the country. India is one of the most popular destination in the globe for spiritual tourism, as it is home to many prominent religions and its cultural heritage and religious lineage offers a bountiful of opportunities for the travelers.

India is also emerging as a favored medial tourism destination in the world on account of the state of the art medical facilities available in the country at an affordable cost. The wellness tourism market in India had a turnover of $13 billion in 2015 and it is expected to grow at a CAGR of nearly 12 per cent to reach $ 23 billion by 2020. The scale, scope and the global market potential for this sector is incredible.

The Convention shall enlighten on all such aspects of Spiritual and Wellness Tourism so as to position India on top of this high yielding market segment in the world by highlighting its ascendancy on Ayurveda, Yoga, Sidha, Naturopathy, etc. together with the spiritual philosophy which the country offers as the Indian way of life.

USPs of FHRAI Annual Convention:

  • Single largest business & networking platform in the hospitality sector
  • An Interactive & Action platform for the Hospitality Industry to brainstorm on the various policies and programs affecting the sector.
  • A harbinger of cutting edge technologies and national and international best practices in the hospitality sector.
  • A pioneering effort that fosters innovative ideas and suggestions to take the hospitality industry to the next orbit.



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